For The Summer 2017 Fitness Issue


Work. Sweat. Hustle. Did a fitness trainer or creative professional speak these words? OK, it’s a bit of a trick question, because the answer is both—and never has the underlying connection between fitness and creativity been more relevant to the creative frontier.

For the summer 2017 “Fitness Issue” of Resource Magazine, we brought together 16 fitness innovators across a variety of categories to discuss mindset, personal growth, and how their wellness journeys apply to your creative endeavors. After all, it’s 2017, people, and the time to do what you love is now. So are you ready to get in shape? Let’s hit the gym, yo.

Also In This Issue

  • FEATURE : The Leap

An inside look at the fitness journey of photographer Clay Cook, and how it led him to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro for a record-breaking paragliding adventure while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

  • REFLECT : Glory Days

Guest Editor Coty Tarr curates a compelling selection of his own work, drawing connections between photography, fitness, and the insane level of motivation and self-discipline required to be a pro photographer or athlete. 

  • Editor’s Picks : Creator’s Sole

Sneakerheads rejoice! Discover the hottest new footwear that combines athletic function with fashion through original photography by Greg Neumaier.

  • NETWORK : Bryan Minear’s Guide to Instagram Edits

Fujifilm X-Photographer Bryan Minear shares a practical approach to finding your editing style, moving past your comfort zone, and post-processing your work with an artistic vision in mind.

  • CONNECT : Fitness

Influencers reveal how they use social media to build their fitness brands. Quest Nutrition Founder Tom Bilyeu gives advice for living a healthy creative lifestyle. Find out why VR workouts may be the future of fitness, and more.