Facts About Books You Should Know


Facts About Books You Should Know – A book is a written work or a written work created by saintnicholas-hamilton literary artists. There are so many uses of books for everyday human life. Moreover, the benefits of the book itself, it can make you broaden your knowledge more basically.

A book is also a collection of papers bound together to form a word called the book. An invention that has an important role in human civilization in general. Books can also be called the windows of the world because from there we can learn whatever we want.

It’s not just textbooks that we must read when we are still in the school stage. But there are millions of books that we can read that are written to guide various other types of books.

In the past, books were only collections of paper that were made into one, but with the passage of time from day to day as well as the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, many books have been replaced with digital media. Even so, a physical book consisting of sheets of paper will not die, because there is a special sensation that it even has an impression that digital media cannot give.

Unique Facts From Books In This World

Well, did you know that the book itself has various unique facts in this world. Surely there are still many of you who still don’t know what are the unique facts of books in this world. Because not everyone has a hobby of reading, it will affect those who do not have this hobby, causing them not to find out these facts.

  • The best-selling book in the last 50 years is the Bible

As the religion with the largest number of followers in the world, the Bible is the bestseller of all time, although the exact number sold cannot be traced. Launching Business Insider, author James Chapman, who once made a list of the world’s most read books, found the Bible sold far more than any other book with 3.9 billion copies sold over the past 50 years. However, when it comes to books other than scripture, in his list James found a book entitled ‘Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-Tung’ which is the best-selling book with total sales of 820 million copies.

  • Insects And Bookworms Are Basically Different

The term bookworm is often applied to someone who really loves books, or who spends most of his time just reading. Even if you look at the insect called a bookworm, its nature is very different from the book lovers that you are often associated with. Bookworm insects themselves are known to often destroy books. Well, besides that, in terms of animal entomology, the reference is also not a type of flea, because it has 6 legs. While fleas should have 8 legs.

  • Bibliosmia Is A Name For People Who Like The Scent Of Books

This Blibiosmia will not be found in digital books. This term refers to the smell of a book or the effect the scent of the book has on the reader. Whether it’s a book that has just been unsealed, or an old book. The scent of this book tends to appeal to most book lovers, and comes from the chemical breakdown of paper compounds that become stronger as a book ages. Each book also has a different smell.

Benefits About Books You Can Get

  • Library of Conggress is the largest library in the world

The Library of Conggress in the United States is the largest library in the world, judging by the size of the building, the area of ​​the bookshelves, and the total collection of books. Built on April 24, 1800, this library occupies three buildings in Washington D.C, namely the Thomas Jefferson Building, John Adams Building, and the James Madison Memorial Building. As for collections, this library has more than 38.6 million titles of library materials in 470 languages, and also stores 70 million manuscripts, 20.9 braille books, 3.6 audio materials and 5.5 million maps and other facilities.

  • The most expensive book by Leonardo Davinci

Not only a painter, Leonardo Davinci is also known as an academic who is avid writing. His book, entitled ‘Codex Leicester’ and written between 1506 and 1510, is the most expensive book ever sold in the world. With a price of 30.8 million US dollars, the book sold well in 1994 and the buyer was Bill Gates. Sugoi!

Such are some of the facts from the book itself. If we want to discuss, there are still a lot of unique facts that we can get. If you are still curious, then you can look for these references in various places or via the internet. So from there later you will get more than these facts that you can get.

Read Books to Live Longer

Then there are other benefits that you can get while reading a book. This is something that can really be trusted because it has been proven by the experts themselves.

If you want to live longer then you can take your time to read books, this is based on a study from Yale University’s School of Public Health. They also revealed that people who read books more often have less than two years of life time compared to people who don’t like to read.

Books support deeper reading and help readers to be more connected to the world outside, he said. Hong Kong-based psychiatrist Dr Vanessa Wong agrees. According to him, it has to do with the imagination that is driven from the book.

But don’t just read articles like in newspapers or magazines. Reading short passages will not have the same impact as spending time reading books and novels. According to Avni Bavishi, the scientist who led the study, books stimulate the brain more.

Hopefully the articles related to this book can be useful for all of you. You need to underline again that books are a place to get knowledge, even books themselves can be a place of entertainment when you are bored. Therefore, don’t be lazy to spend a little of your time reading.